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Dr. McBeth,

Thank you for being such a great dentist! I think is unusual these days that a doctor would make a new cancer screening so affordable when its not covered by insurance. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates who you are - but I wanted to let you know. :) Sincerely, J.U.

Dear Dr. McBeth:

Just a short note of appreciation for the sudden emergency treatment yesterday and for the years of pleasurable experiences we have enjoyed. While it strikes me as seeming a bit odd to be writing to the chief of a dental practice....not normally regarded as a place to have fun....yours has always been most warmly and kindly considerate of this patient's concerns and, I believe, of all lucky enough to be your patients. You have imbued all of your staff with your own caring and considerate attitude and , believe me, it shows.


Norm W.

Norman W.

Dr. McBeth,

It amazes me that every day you are able to persuade people to let you put sharp objects in their mouth. But that you're able to persuade a small girl with an extra small mouth, sensory issues and a history of refusing dental care to let you put sharp objects (t) in her mouth seems like a small miracle. Thank you ever so much for all your help!

(patient's mom)

Craig McBeth & your wonderful staff,

You have truly changed my life with your kindness and generosity. Now that you have changed my smile back into a beautiful one I can't thank you enough!! :) Now I can have my kidney transplant and completely change my life. Its all because of you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Donated Dental Services Patient
Dental Lifeline

Dear Dr. McBeth,

Please accept my personal congratulations for being placed in the top tier of dentists in New Hampshire for 2014! As New Hampshire Magazine denotes, its annual published listings are derived from the opinions of your peers and that certainly lends even more credence and credibility to the collective judgments of your excellent practice of dentistry. Thank you for your many contributions to the New Hampshire dental community and to the dental health of its residents in general.


Tom Raffio

Thomas Raffio, FLMI
President & CEO
Northeast Delta Dental
One Delta Drive
P.O. Box 2002
Concord, NH 03302-2002

"I LOVE my dental team! After years of dreading dentist appointments (and I practically lived at the dentist), I can finally relax about dentist appointments. I know that I will be treated gently and always with respect. Pain free procedures and cleanings make trips to the dentist stress free. If I have a dental emergency, I'm never told to "wait". I'm seen immediately. The office is filled with wonderful, professional people who make me feel at home and always make me smile. I love ALL the folks at Dr. McBeth's. It's a happy, professional environment in which I can actually relax and enjoy myself, and my teeth have never looked or felt better!"

Melanie Everard

“It is always a pleasure to work with Dr. Craig McBeth, Jane and his office team through the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program which serves elderly, disabled and medically compromised individuals who cannot afford comprehensive dental care. We are very grateful and appreciative that one of the many ways Dr. McBeth gives back to the community is through the DDS program by donating his and his team’s services to participants in our program. Those who have received donated care from his office tell me that Dr. McBeth and his team treat them with dignity, loving care, and skilled professionalism for which they are very, very grateful. “

Jan Denson, NH DDS Program Coordinator,”

Dear Dr. McBeth,

On behalf of the SCS Head Start Program, I wanted to thank you and your staff for completing the dental screenings at the Keene Head Start Center last month. We truly appreciate your gift of time and professional service to the program year after year.

Not only do you help us fulfill a federal requirement of having children screened by a dentist, you help us identify children who need additional treatment in a timely manner and provide engaging and age-appropriate dental education.


Ali-Rose Cermak
Health and Nutrition Services Manager
SCS Head Start Program

Cedarcrest Center Champion Award-
October 1, 2014

Craig McBeth, DMD, and Associates

For nearly fifteen years Dr. Craig McBeth and his team have been providing dental care for children at Cedarcrest Center- seeing them in the office or giving up a lunch hour to see children at the Center whose high-tech medical needs made office visits unfeasible. Craig and his team have conducted an annual dental clinic at the Center and have supported inservice activities for our staff. We are delighted to recognize Team McBeth for their generosity and connection to Cedarcrest Center.

Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities
67th Annual Meeting
of Cedarcrest, Inc.